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The Adventures of Jack and Miracle Girl, Volume One
The Adventures of Jack and Miracle Girl, Volume Two


Disreputable Persons

The White Ribbon Runs the Red Lights

The Signal City Visitor's Guide, Revised and Expanded

By Blake Nelson

68 pages, published 11/7/2017

A complete guide to the Signalverse: the superhero universe created for THE ADVENTURES OF JACK AND MIRACLE GIRL book series! Includes artwork, a time line of events (covering everything from 1926 to 2018), a map of Signal City, and over three hundred superhero/supervillain mini-biographies. It's rather dangerously geeky!


Hi! I'm Blake Michael Nelson, and for the past few years I've been writing a series of prose superhero novels. The series began with The Adventures of Jack and Miracle Girl, a story about an ordinary guy who somehow attracts the attention of a famous superheroine, but continued to grow after that, and now consists of five novels: two volumes of Jack and Miracle Girl; Orchid; Disreputable Persons; and The White Ribbon Runs the Red Lights. A "Signal City Visitor's Guide," chock-full of background information on the characters and their world, is also available; I just recently released an updated edition (warning: this thing is FULL OF SPOILERS). The Visitor's Guide is free to read/download on MagCloud.

The books all take place in the same universe (the "Signalverse," after Signal City, which is where most of the stories take place). The first two books are best read back-to-back, and although I recommend reading the remaining books in the order I wrote them, they're all stand-alone titles and can be read in any order.

All five books are available on Amazon, in both print and e-book editions. I hope you'll give them a shot!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to e-mail me at theblakeshow [at] gmail.com. You can also get in touch with me through Twitter and Facebook.

© 2017 Blake Michael Nelson
Art by Tom Martin